Advertise Your Business On Our ale-Apps System TV Screens

We have the ale-Apps advertising and entertainment system installed in our pub. This system is unique in that it presents a host of entertainment and information features on the screens (not just a string of adverts like some other systems). This way, our customers are more likely to be viewing the screens when our own pub promotions and local business adverts appear.


Your Business Advertising Options:

1) VIDEO: If you do not already have a video of your business advert, ale-Apps can make one for you if you supply some still images and advertising text.  

2) ANIMATION: Provide ale-Apps with a photo and some advertising text and ale-Apps will create an animated advert.  

3) WEB PAGE: If you have a web site, provide ale-Apps with the URL of the web page that you want to display. Your web page will appear on the pub TV screens and slowly scroll up the screen. This option is particularly useful as your webmaster can update the web page at any time and the updated web page will automatically appear on the TV screens.  

4) Choose which days and times of the day you want your advert to appear (this can be all day every day).




The Old Comical 01983 403848  

David (ale-Apps) 07555 388092  




ale-Apps 1Point


ABOUT ale-Apps 1 POINT:

The ale-Apps 1 Point software allows you to easily and quickly update your entertainment details on your pub's website. You do not need to have any web building experience in order to use the 1 Point software. The software automatically erases any entertainment events for dates that have expired. Your website will therefore always be up to date and accurate. If your pub has regular events (i.e. quiz night etc.) each event requires only two button clicks to create - one click to select the event and one click to select the date.The software also saves you time by allowing you to print a poster for an event from the click of a button.



ACTIVATION: The first time you launch ale-Apps 1Point you will be presented with a product activation code. You will need to copy this code and paste it into an email which you send to ale-Apps. If we have received your payment for 1Point, we will then activate your product as soon as we recieve your email. This process normally takes just a few minutes (if the email was sent within normal working hours).


LOGO: If you did not send us an image of your company logo when you purchased 1Point, a form will be presented to you which allows you to select an image from file to be used as your logo within the software.

NOTE: 1Point cannot function without a logo image. However, if you do not have your own company logo yet you can for now select any image for testing purposes. You can then change the temporary logo for your real logo at a later date by clicking the 'Logo' button (4). To select a logo image click the 'Get Logo From File' button, select an image and click the 'OK' button.


FTP DETAILS: If you did not send us the FTP details for access to your web site when you purchased 1Point, you (or your webmaster) will need to supply the software with these details (See item (5) 'Share Button' below). NOTE: 1Point cannot function without this information.

(FTP) FTP address: Example - ''.

(User Name) Your FTP user name.

(Password) Your FTP password.

(Change Dir) Some FTP providers require you to upload to a specific folder of your FTP space. Typically this is the 'public_html' folder. In this case the 'Change Dir' text would be 'public_html/gigguide'. However, if your FTP provider allows you to upload to the root folder of your FTP space then the text within this field should be 'gigguide' only.

(URL) This is the URL to your web site - e.g. ''.




(1) 'Show' Checkbox: When this checkbox is checked, if you have ale-Apps Engine running in your establishment, your TV monitors will show the entertainment information in-sync with the data that you have entered into 1Point. It is usual to leave this checkbox checked at all times.

(2) 'Library' Button: This button launches the library form which allows you to view the images you have stored in the library. It also allows you to add new images to the library.

(3) 'Poster' Button: This button launches the poster form which allows you to print a poster for entertainment on a specific date.

(4) 'Logo' Button: This button launches the logo form which allows you to view and change the logo that will be used on your web page and within your posters.

(5) 'Share' Button: This button launches the share form. The data entered into this form is used to allow FTP uploads of 1Point entertainment data directly to your website. NOTE: 1Point wil not function properly if this data is missing or inaccurate.

(6) '?' Button: This button launches the 1Point help form.

(7) 'Title' Edit: If you have ale-Apps Engine running in your establishment, the text entered into this edit will be used as the title for entertainment display within ale-Apps Engine.

(8) 'Save' Button: This button will become enabled whenever any changes have been made to entertainment data. Click this button to save all changes to your web site.

(9) 'Test' Button: This button gives you a preview of the data that has been saved to your website. The page automatically scrolls to allow you to see what the data will appear like if you have ale-Apps Engine running in your establishment.

(10) Calendar: The red circle indicates today's date. The calendar is used to select a date for an entertainer - the date selected is surrounded by a green oval shape.

(11) 'Cancel This Entertainer' Button: If an entertainer was scheduled for the date selected in the calendar, clicking this button clears the entertainment data for the selected date.

(12) 'Calendar/List' Radio Buttons: When the 'Calendar' radio button is selected the calendar will be shown (as in the picture above). Selecting a date within the calendar will show the entertainment data for that date (if any entertainment was sceduled for that date). When the 'List' radio button is selected the calendar will be replaced with a list of scheduled entertainment dates with their repective enternainer details. Selecting an item in the list changes the main screen data to display the entertainment data for the selected date.

(13) 'Entertainer' Dropdown List: This list contains all of the entertainers that have been created on the system. Clicking the dropdown arrow and selecting an entertainer from the list will cause that entertainer data to be used for entertainment on the date shown in the calendar.

(14) 'Additional Text' Window: This window contains the descriptive text to be shown for the selected entertainer for the date selected. The text in this window is generated from the default text that was entered when the entertainer was created. This text can be edited for the selected date and will NOT destroy the original default text for the entertainer.

(15) 'Clear' Button: This button deletes all of the text in the 'Additional Text' Window.

(16) 'New' and 'Edit' Buttons: These buttons allow for the creation of a new entertainer and the editing of data for the entertainer selected int the 'Entertainer' Dropdown List (13).

(17) 'Entertainment' Window: This window provides a view of the entertainment details for the selected date of the calendar.




Click the 'New' button (16). The entertainer panel will appear:

Enter the name of the entertainer into the 'Entertainer Name' field. The 'Select From Library' button will appear:

Click the 'Select From Library' button. The Library form will appear:

Either select one of the existing images in the bottom list or click the 'Add Image From File' button to add a new image to the library. Then Click the 'OK' button. The 'Library Form' will close and you will be returned to the main form.

Enter some descriptive text for the entertainer into the 'Default Text' field and click the 'OK' button.

You will then be returned to the calendar view and your entertainer will have been created.



Select a date from the calendar (10). Click the down arrow on the Entertainer Dropdown (13) and select an entertainer from the list:

The entertainer will have been assigned to the selected date and the details for the entertainer will be shown on the main form:

Click the 'Save' button (8) to save your changes. This will also upload the entertainer details to your web site.